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Follow a patient as they undergo DBS surgery for Parkinson disease

The Suncoast News Network has done a multi-part series on one of our Parkinson disease patients as he went through the process 0f getting deep brain stimulation. Mr. Delaney discusses his Parkinson disease and what led to the decision to get the surgery. Then reporter and anchor Hallie Peilet from…

Tips for choosing a DBS device

In the journal JAMA Neurology, Dr. Michael Okun discusses the challenge of selecting an appropriate DBS system for an individual patient.

DBS for Tourette Registry shows benefit for select patients

University of Florida researchers are leading a multinational registry that tracks the progress of patients who have received deep brain stimulation for Tourette syndrome. In a report published in JAMA Neurology, the team reports after 1 year of stimulation a mean 45% decrease in Yale Global Tic Severity Scale score…

Deep Brain Stimulation vs Focused Ultrasound – AAN debate with Dr. Okun

Is Focused Ultrasound a possible replacement for Deep Brain Stimulation? MedPage Today wrote a nice summary of the debate that took place last week at the American Academy of Neurology meeting. Neal Kassell, MD, from presented in favor of focused ultrasound while our own Michael Okun, MD, presented against it.

Short & Long Term effects of DBS discussed at World Parkinson Congress

Dr. Michael Okun presented “DBS Outcomes: What can you expect in the short term and the long term?” at the 2016 World Parkinson Congress. To watch: Click here to register Choose September 21st Click Dr. Okun’s talk in the list There are lots of other great talks on that…

Dystonia patient receives 1,000th DBS lead implanted at UF Health

The POST, a monthly magazine by Univeristy of Florida Health, published the story of 14-year-old Felipe Hanel and the deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery to treat his dystonia. Felipe received the 1000th DBS lead implanted by the UF Health Center for Movement Disorders & Neurorestoration team.