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PD Movers Book Addressing Black and African…

The PD Movers organization has put together a colorful and personalized story book called “The PD Movers, We Keep Moving: Living and Thriving with…

PD Movers

Knowledge is Power: A Parkinson’s Story

Knowledge is Power: A Parkinson’s StoryRead About Jane and Ed’s Story

Parkinson's Book Jane

“Power in Knowing” Program Educates the Community

Parkinson’s disease (PD) affects people of all races, ethnicities and ages. However, there is a common misconception that PD only impacts older…

Power In knowing Picture

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Parkinson's Disease

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Educational Events

Gainesville, Florida

2022 Parkinson’s Symposium

Topics included:
Upcoming Therapeutics
Gut Health
Speech and Swallow Issues

Virtual Symposium

2021 Parkinson’s Symposium

Topics Include:
Intro To Exercise
Intimacy & Sexual Health
Visual In Parkinson’s
Optimal Environments for Maximum Function
Approach to Care in Advanced PD

Gainesville, Florida

2020 Parkinson’s Symposium

Topics included:
-Mind, Memory & Mood
-The Changing Face of Parkinson’s Disease

Gainesville, Florida

2019 Parkinson’s Symposium

Topics included:
Pain & Fatigue
-Tips for Hospitalization
Emerging Approaches
Speech & Swallowing
Move to Improve

Gainesville, Florida

2018 Atypical Parkinsonism Symposium

Topics included:
Therapy Recommendations
-Recognizing Atypical Diagnoses
Medical Therapies and Research
Social Work FAQ

Gainesville, Florida

Parkinson Symposium en Español 2013

Los Temas Incluyen:
· El futuro de la Enfermedad de Parkinson
· Terapies Convencionales
· Mitos y Realidades: Terapias Alternativas
· “Aware in Care” y Hospitalizaciones

Movement Disorder and Fixel Institute

YouTube Page

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Parkinson’s Foundation Resources

Free Resources

Parkinson’s Foundation Library

Check in with the Parkinson’s Foundation library of resources ranging from medication, to exercise, to caregiver resources and more.

pd foundation library


Parkinson’s Disease Helpline

Call the Parkinson’s Foundation Helpline 1.800.4PD.INFO (1-800-473-4636) for answers to all your questions. Staffed by nurses, social workers and therapists, the Parkinson’s Foundation Helpline is here to support you in any possible way, including:
Current disease information
Medical issues including symptoms and treatments
Health and social care
Emotional support
Referrals to health professionals and community resources for local support

PD helpline

Affiliated Programs

Virtual Options Available

Dance for Life

Wednesdays 1pm-2pm
Dance for Life is a free weekly dance class for people with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease (PD) and their significant others. The program is designed to help people with PD improve their quality of life through enhanced overall physical well-being, social interaction, creative expression, and targeted improvements in balance, strength, and mobility. The program is led by professional and student dancers from the University of Florida School of Theatre and Dance and UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine, and combines elements of modern dance, ballet and social dance.

Sing for Life

The Sing for Life program seeks to achieve strategies for lifelong singing for Parkinson’s patients and their care givers. Our classes include exercises for relaxation, posture, breathing and resonance. Our work together increases vocal strength and stamina and enhances general well-being.

Uf Health

Pedaling for Parkinson’s

UF Health Fitness and Wellness Center is now offering a Pedaling with Parkinson’s class. Available three times a week for one hour.


Parkinson’s Exercise Program

Tuesday and Thursday: 11am-12pm

This program is specifically tailored to “Persons with Parkinson’s” (PWP). It is designed to help overcome physical limitations, improve mobility, flexibility and balance, restore confidence and develop camaraderie among participants. The program Is approximately 60 minutes in duration and includes both sitting and standing exercise routines.
Contact: 352.265.9040 for information on the medical waiver.

Affiliated Support Groups

Virtually and In-Person

Person with Parkinson’s and Carepartner Support Group

Third Friday of Every Month


Fixel Institute Patients and Caregivers

C.A.R.E.S. Program

C.A.R.E.S (Caregivers Acquiring Resources and Emotional Support) is free, 1-on-1 counseling to caregivers of patients in the Fixel Institute who are currently experiencing emotional and mental strain while caring for a loved one. Can be provided by Zoom online. To schedule this FREE service, call our office at 352.733.2411 or email Alana McKay, LCSW.

CARES program

Additional Parkinson’s Support

PD Conversations

Join online discussion groups where you can connect with others who are sharing similar experiences to you and your loved one.

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PMD Alliance

Florida Support Groups

List of affiliated support Parkinson’s Disease support groups and carepartners support groups across the country.

pmd alliance 1

Parkinson’s Foundation

Florida Support Groups

List of affiliated support Parkinson’s Disease support groups and carepartners support groups across the country.