TEDx Video on Deep Brain Stimulation is “Talk of the Day”

Published: September 16th, 2012

By: Michael Okun

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A video of our talk on deep brain stimulation from the 2012 TEDxUF event was posted as a “Talk of the Day” on TEDx’s Google Plus, Twitter & Facebook this past week. We were excited to tell these stories and discuss deep brain stimulation in this kind of venue. Watch it here…

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Michael Okun

Professor of Neurology and Administrative Director of the Center for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration

Professor of Neurology, expert on Parkinson's disease and other basal ganglia disorders, deep brain stimulation, author of over 300 research papers and the bestselling book Parkinson's Disease: 10 Secrets to a Happier…

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  1. Henry D.

    We just finished watching the DBS “Talk of the Day.” –our 3rd video, plus we’ve read other topics with nuch more to read later. I (David) am 71, married 50 years & have had PD around 4 years. My right hand is almost usless, both feet shake & are so weak I can barely walk, not to mention my voive/throat & my dizzyness. Yesterday 12/05/12, we went to our family doctor, Mark Graves, who insists I am a candidate for DBS, and emailed to us this (your) website. I believe your DBS is the answer to our prayers!! We will probably get in touch with you all after the holidays. We were so very impressed!!

    Evansville, Indiana

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