Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

Dr. Okun and Dr. Foote along with one of the best interdisciplinary teams in the country can place DBS devices in an operating room setting utilizing advanced brain imaging, stereotactic targeting, microelectrode recording, and macrostimulation. The stimulation interferes with the overactive/underactive portions of the brain that result in movement, mood, and cognitive disorders.

DBS Troubleshooting and DBS Failures Clinic

UF responded to the demand of patients by introducing the concept of a Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) troubleshooting clinic.  The clinic was introduced to create a systematic way to evaluate and treat DBS failures and DBS related problems. The clinic offers its services to patients from all over the United States and also to International patients– and to date has evaluated over 300 leads and has re-operated and re-programmed dozens and dozens of patients.

DBS Interdisciplinary Fast Track Evaluation

Our new process, the UF Fast Track evaluation for deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery, enables a patient to interact with a wide variety of health professionals over a short amount of time. A person can receive evaluations from a movement disorders neurologist and many other specialists in a single location, over a two day period.  We designed the program for patient convenience and also to ensure high-quality, comprehensive DBS screening.

DBS Battery Estimator

More Information

Deep Brain Stimulation Information

Learn more about what Deep Brain Stimulation is, why you should choose the UF Center For Movement Disorders & Neurorestoration for DBS, how DBS works, if you are a candidate,  and some things to consider, like information on the surgery, preparing for surgery, and the adjustment of stimulation.


The target in the globus pallidus, which is overactive/underactive and resulting in movements, can be heated and lesioned to reduce the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. Similarly UF has also used the subthalamic target. Some patients prefer a lesion over stimulation for many potential reasons (cost, travel, decreased infection, decreased hardware issues, immunocompromised patient). This procedure is performed at UF for select patients. The most popular reason at UF for lesion therapy over DBS is for international patients who may not have the money for DBS and also do not have access for to expert programming.


To treat essential tremor, a target in the patient’s thalamus may be precisely lesioned, as in Pallidotomy and subthalamotomy. This procedure is performed at UF for select patients.