Welcoming Drs. Ashizawa and Subramony to the UFMDC team

ashizawasubramonyThe UF Movement Disorders Center is excited to welcome, belated though it may be, Tetsuo Ashizawa, MD and S.H. Subramony, MD to the Movement Disorders team. They bring an expertise in ataxia and in Huntington’s disease to the table and are holding special clinics for these disorders. In addition to their work with the Movement Disorders Center, Dr. Ashizawa chairs the Department of Neurology while Dr. Subramony directs the Neuromuscular division.

If you have either ataxia or Huntington’s and would like an appointment or if you would like to refer a patient with these disorders please feel free to contact us via our web form or by phone (352-273-5550).

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