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A Preventable Complication of Deep Brain Stimulation.

Dr. Foote and Dr. Morishita at the University of Florida Center for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration published a paper this month that discusses a potentially preventable complication of deep brain stimulation: cerebral venous infarction.

Alzheimer’s Deep Brain Stimulation: A New Treatment at University of Florida

This article appeared in the Gainesville Sun about the University of Florida team that is participating in the important trial using deep brain stimulation to treat memory problems in Alzheimer’s disease. UF is part of a small but nationwide study and will be covering the entire South and Southeast U.S.

Exciting dystonia DBS patient story shared

In generalized dystonia, muscles that should contract & relax to cooperate with each other contract at the same time and fight against each other. This causes awkward & painful postures and makes movement very difficult. We see young people with this disorder regularly. We are excited to share this patient…

A Shift Back Toward GPi Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease

Time to Consider GPi DBS for Parkinson’s Disease: A Shift in the Practice of Patient Selection for DBS Michael S. Okun, M.D. Read Dr. Okun’s What’s Hot in Parkinson’s disease blog each month at A huge question facing Parkinson’s disease patients and clinicians has been, what is the best…

TEDx Talk on Deep Brain Stimulation by Dr. Michael Okun and Dr. Kelly Foote

This TEDx talk on Deep Brain Stimulation titled the Electric Brain was given on February 11, 2012. Learn more about Deep Brain Stimulation… The human brain is a supercomputer with networks that control the various functions that make us who we are,…

UF Deep Brain Stimulation Program Covered in Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday published an article about Deep Brain Stimulation successes. Included were the currently U.S. approved indications such as Parkinson’s Disease, essential tremor and dystonia as well as experimental indications such as depression and Tourette syndrome. Dr. Okun and one of our patients were interviewed. Only…