UF Deep Brain Stimulation Program Covered in Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday published an article about Deep Brain Stimulation successes. Included were the currently U.S. approved indications such as Parkinson’s Disease, essential tremor and dystonia as well as experimental indications such as depression and Tourette syndrome. Dr. Okun and one of our patients were interviewed.

Only 10% to 15% of Parkinson’s patients are good candidates for DBS, says Michael Okun, medical director of the National Parkinson Foundation. It’s most useful for people experiencing tremor, stiffness and other movement problems but not other cognitive problems or health issues. DBS isn’t a cure for Parkinson’s; the disease still progresses. And as with other surgeries, there is a risk of infection, stroke or other complications. Some patients find their speech slurred after the surgery, and others report falling issues.

Read the full article on the Wall St. Journal site.

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