DBS for Tourette Registry shows benefit for select patients

Published: January 18th, 2018

By: Charles Jacobson

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University of Florida researchers are leading a multinational registry that tracks the progress of patients who have received deep brain stimulation for Tourette syndrome. In a report published in JAMA Neurology, the team reports after 1 year of stimulation a mean 45% decrease in Yale Global Tic Severity Scale score across 185 patients from 10 countries. As said in the paper this strengthens “the notion that DBS could be a potential surgical treatment for select patients with Tourette syndrome.”

Doctors Almeida, Okun, and Spears

Drs. Almeida and Okun and fellow Dr. Spears during deep brain stimulation surgery.

Doctors Okun and Foote planning a deep brain stimulation surgery

Drs. Okun and Foote planning a deep brain stimulation surgery


Dr. Michael Okun, our co-director and the chair of neurology, explains in this video:


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