Michael Okun

Professor of Neurology and Administrative Director of the Center for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration

Professor of Neurology, expert on Parkinson's disease and other basal ganglia disorders, deep brain stimulation, author of over 300 research papers and the bestselling book Parkinson's Disease: 10 Secrets to a Happier Life

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Lower Levels of Alpha-synuclein not better for Parkinson’s Disease: Implications for Vaccines

Published: Sep 4th, 2013

In a study just published from the University of Chicago and Mayo clinic, lower levels of alpha-synuclein (the protein deposited in the brain of Parkinson’s disease patients) seemed to be […]

Parkinson’s Disease Information Now Available on iTunes and Audible.com

Published: Aug 29th, 2013

Parkinson’s disease information is now available for patients and families through a new audiobook version of Parkinson’s Treatment: 10 Secrets to a Happier Life.

New Home Exercise for Parkinson’s Disease: Nintendo Wii Rehabilitation

Published: Aug 25th, 2013

Read about a new approach studied by the Medical College of Georgia NPF Center of Excellence to address Parkinson’s disease symptoms in the home setting: Nintendo Wii Rehabilitation for Parkinson’s disease. […]

Treatment Tips on Using Ultrasound for Tremor or Parkinson’s Disease

Published: Aug 15th, 2013

Read Dr. Okun’s article on ultrasound for tremor and maybe one day Parkinson’s disease in the New England Journal of Medicine Journal Watch Neurology (full version) or on the blog at Parkinsonsecrets.com

Helpful Tips for Parkinson’s Disease Hallucinations

Published: Jul 28th, 2013

A great article for patients on psychosis and hallucinations in Parkinson’s disease published on Psych Central: Also Parkinson’s Treatment Tips for Psychosis from the Center for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration Blog  

Stopping Cholesterol Drugs and the Risk of Developing Parkinson’s Disease

Published: Jul 20th, 2013

Read about this important topic that broke in the news yesterday online in Neurology. Dr. Okun reviews the paper and give some practical tips on Cholesterol therapy and Parkinson’s disease, and […]

The Theory that Parkinson’s Disease Would Disappear Following the Flu Epidemic

Published: Jul 17th, 2013

Two medical students at the University of Florida Center for movement disorders and neurorestoration write about the demise of two Harvard neurologist’s theory that Parkinson’s disease would disappear as all […]

Parkinson’s Treatment Tip for Passing Out or Syncope

Published: Jun 30th, 2013

One of the most common questions we get from Parkinson’s disease patients is: I am passing out or having syncope, and could it be related to my Parkinson’s disease? The […]

The Importance of Improving Pre-DBS Surgery Screening for Impulse Control Disorders

Published: Jun 24th, 2013

Dr. Nawaz Hack from the Center for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration presented the results of his research in Sydney Australia on the importance of screening and follow-up in patients with […]

Florida Researcher Introduces a New Imaging Technique for Parkinson’s Disease and Parkinsonism

Published: Jun 23rd, 2013

University of Florida Center for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration researcher Dr. David Vaillancourt was featured on the front page of the Gainesville Sun for his recent publication on a new […]