Meeting Schedule

1st Tuesday MBI

8AM- MBI Movement Rounds (Okun – Chair)

9AM- Udall and Parkinson’s and Dystonia Research Meeting (Okun and Golde Co-Chairs)

10AM Fellow Didactic Hour (Malaty – Chair)

1st Friday of the month

12:30PM at ORTHO – Monthly Journal Club (McFarland and Li – Co-Chairs)

2nd Tuesday MBI 

8AM- MBI Movement Rounds (Hess – Chair)

9-11:00AM DBS Interdisciplinary Conference (Foote, Okun, Baughman – Co-Chairs)

3rd Tuesday- ALL MEETINGS ON THIS DAY AT CMDNR Conference room

8AM at ORTHO 4th Floor Movement Rounds (Shukla – Chair)

9AM-10AM ORTHO Business & COE Meetings (Himes & McFarland lead, Malaty – Chair for Tourette, PD)

4th Tuesday MBI

8AM MBI Movement Rounds (McFarland – Chair)

9AM- Neurology Division Faculty Meetings (Okun and Yarbrough – Co-Chairs)

10-11AM Clinical Trials Meeting (Segura & Ramirez-Zamora – Co-Chairs)

4th Thursday CMDNR conference room

8-9AM Data Analysis Committee meeting (McFarland and Jacobson – Co-Chairs)