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How to get involved with Tourette Association of America (TAA)

Published: Oct 7th, 2014

The Tourette Asssociation of America (TAA)  is a great resource for families, children, adults, educators and physicians for education on Tourette Syndrome diagnosis and treatment.  The TSA is actively involed in […]

Tourette Syndrome and Work Modification

Published: Aug 3rd, 2014

People who struggle with tics and Tourette Syndrome, are not only children. Adults can have tics as well. Tics can present throughout adulthood in a small population of those with […]

Dr. Michael Okun & Dr. Oliver Sacks talk about Tourette Syndrome & Tim Howard’s World Cup performance

Published: Jul 3rd, 2014

Tim Howard’s record performance as goalie for the US team in the World Cup match against Belgium has garnered a lot of attention. Some was quite funny like his name […]

Bullying Prevention with Tourette Syndrome

Published: Jul 1st, 2014

As with any diagnosis that would set a child apart from their classmate, having Tourette Syndrome can unfortunately make your child a target for bullying. Some possible signs and symptoms […]

Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month Walk

Published: May 27th, 2014

Please join the Gainesville/Lake City Support Group in supporting the national Tourette Syndrome Association Annual Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month What: Short walk to support national walk Where: Meet at first […]

Dysgraphia and Handwriting Difficulties related to Tourette Syndrome

Dysgraphia and Handwriting Difficulties related to Tourette Syndrome

Published: May 2nd, 2014

  Dysgraphia is defined as difficulty with handwriting (as seen above), regardless of the student’s ability to read.  Dysgraphia is not always related to an intellectual disability.  Handwriting can appear […]

Gainesville/Lake City Support Group for Tics/Tourette’s

Published: Apr 1st, 2014

It is here… With the help of community members and staff, we are pleased to share that a Tic/Tourette Support Group has been formed in the Gainesville and Lake City […]

Techniques to Improve Sleep Patterns of Children with Tourette Syndrome

Published: Feb 3rd, 2014

Children who suffer from Tourette Syndrome can have a high likely-hood of having difficulty falling asleep at night.  This can be due to the comorbid condition of Sensory Integration Dysfunction.  […]

Tourette Syndrome Latest Treatment Research

Published: Aug 5th, 2013

Occupational therapists are one of the most recent rehab services to start treatment for children and adults with Tourette Disorder.   In 2013, Occupational Therapist, Jan Rowe, released a research study […]