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Two UF Neuropsychology students receive research awards

Lauren Kenney receives “Best Translational Neuropsychology Student Research” award from APA Division 40.  Lauren will present her research during the Blue Ribbon Awards symposium at the 2020 annual meeting of APA in Washington, DC.  Her project is entitled “Classifying Cognitive Subtypes in Non-Demented Individuals with Parkinson Disease:  A data-driven Approach”…

6 Tips to Make Your Tremor Less Noticeable

For many patients with tremor due to Parkinson’s disease (PD) or essential tremor (ET), activities of daily living and social gatherings can be stressful and difficult.

Updated Gainesville Support Group Information

Support Groups! We’ve updated the flyers for these local support groups. Young Onset Parkinson’s Parkinson’s Patients and their Caregivers Essential Tremor Fronto-Temporal Dementia Download the Gainesville Support Group Flyers…

Hand tremor and computer use

Are your tremors making it difficult to control the computer mouse?  Hand, arm or trunk tremors can interfere with fine motor precision.  It can become difficult to position the pointer on the icon in which you are trying to click.  Most computers will allow you to slow the speed of the mouse, therefore…