How to Increase Awareness of TS in your Community

May 15-June 15 2015 is national Tourette Awareness Month.  Many clinics and counties are prompting awareness of Tourette Syndrome across the county.  If you are looking for ways to increase awareness in community, explore the following options.

  • Join or create a Tourette Association of America support group
  • Join the online Tourette Community with Facebooks, blogging, and Twitter
  • Join in virtual fundraisers such as the Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month walk. This can be done anytime from May 15-June 15
  • Wear Teal Tuesdays to promote the Tourette Association of America during the Tourette Awareness Month
  • Speak to your school or work. The Tourette Association of America has a lot of resources about how to speak to your peers or coworkers about TS. Don’t be afraid to ask your physician, occupational therapist or local TS resource for help

Be creative, have fun! Don’t be afraid to talk about TS. When people ask, use it as an opportunity to educated about TS and common misconceptions or comorbid conditions with TS. However you go about educating the public will be a benefit to the TS community.


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