Tablet/iPad Apps for People with Parkinson’s Disease

Using your tablet or other mobile device can be a great resource for compensatory strategies and training at home.  There are thousands of applications (apps) that you can find by searching on your device, so here are some tips to find some particularly helpful ones.

  • Look for apps that keep you informed on your diagnosis such as the National Parkinson’s Foundation (NPF) app or basic neuroanatomy apps
  • Look for apps that can make your life easier
    • Apps for reminders/planning
    • Apps that can type based off of your voice
    • Apps that can help with medication reminders
  • Look for apps that can decrease your stress
    • Relaxation Breathing Apps
    • Soothing music Apps
  • Look for apps that require finger mobility and coordination
    • Anything that requires finger isolation
    • Anything that promotes finger dexterity
  • Look for apps that can be your motivation to exercise
    • Balance
    • Flexibility/Yoga/Tai Chi
    • Exercise Journal/Logs
  • Look for apps that can give your “brain a workout” but can be fun such as:
    • Board Games
    • Memory Games
    • Trivia Apps

Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money for apps with good reviews!

*** Please follow up with your Occupational or Physical Therapist for specifics of recommended applications that can be helpful for you.

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