Now offering a non-drug treatment for Tics/Tourette’s

Traditionally, Tourette’s Syndrome/Tics have been treated effectively with medication.  Currently, there is a relatively new non-drug treatment that is creating a stir in the Tourette’s rehab world that is used in conjuction with medication.  This program is known as Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT).

This program is available for both children and adults.

CBIT has been shown to reduce tic severity in numerous research studies.  The focus of this treatment is to enable people with Tics and Tourette’s to better manage their tics based on a carefully planned and studied program.

“CBIT has three important components:

  1. Training the patient to be more aware of tics
  2. Training the patients to do a competing behavior when they feel the urge to tic
  3. Making changes to day to day activities in ways that can be helpful in reducing tics” *

Attached in the link is a pamphlet for CBIT with further information:

Currently, we have a CBIT trained Occupational Therapist on staff who is gearing up this new treatment if recommended by your physician.  We are excited to offer this treatment in hopes to increase quality of life and satisfaction for our patients with Tourette’s/Tics.

Please contact us with any questions about the treatment and inquiries on starting the program.


*  Comprehensive Behavioral Interventions for Tics. Bayside, NY; Tourette Syndrome Association, inc. 2010. Print

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