Parkinson’s Disease Dementia tips for caregivers

Tips and suggestions for encouraging success for persons with Parkinson’s Disease Dementia  (PDD).

  1. Prevent overstimulation
    1. Keep the environment simple and quiet
    2. Ensure that background noises are kept at a minimal level (TVs, talking, dishwasher, etc.)
    3. Keep frequently used rooms free of clutter and with minimal distracting photos
    4. Use simple words-do not over speak

2.  Don’t encourage speed

  1. Allow for increased time to process simple tasks
  2. Provide only one step directions

i.      Example: Say, “Sit down” versus “sit down and take off your socks and shoes”

3.  Explore the use of visuals to help with simple tasks

4.  Continue to allow for participation and initiation of daily activities.  It is important for persons with Parkinson’s and dementia to continue to participate in their desired leisure and functional tasks to sustain motivation. If someone is not able to complete the whole task desired, allow them to participate in part of the process.

A.   Example: Instead of completing all parts of dressing, allow them to put on socks or shoes if they are able

5.    Encourage a routine to ensure familiarity

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