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Non-invasive, automated MRI for Parkinson’s diagnosis

A research team led by UF’s David Vaillancourt, Ph.D., used a non-invasive MRI method with 1,002 patients to develop an automated system to accurately diagnose Parkinson’s disease and related but different neurodegenerative disorders.

Parkinson’s progression biomarker covered in UF Explore Magazine

Researchers at the University of Florida have discovered a way to measure the progression of Parkinson disease through brain imaging. See our original post on this research here. This discovery was also discussed on page 4 of the UF Explore research magazine. This new brain imaging protocol…

Diffusion MRI for measuring Parkinson’s disease progression: a UF discovery

“Free water” may sound like what happens when you drink too much water. It is actually “fluid unconstrained by brain tissue, likely because of disease-related degeneration” that turns out to be a biomarker than can be used to track Parkinson’s disease progression in a non-invasive way, thanks to a…