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Recent Respiratory Muscle Strength Training publications

Published: Oct 9th, 2012

Our speech & swallowing therapists and researchers, Drs. Christine Sapienza, Michelle Troche, John Rosenbek and several others on their team continue to push forward their field of research and bring what […]

A Shift Back Toward GPi Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease

Published: Jun 27th, 2012

Time to Consider GPi DBS for Parkinson’s Disease: A Shift in the Practice of Patient Selection for DBS Michael S. Okun, M.D. Read Dr. Okun’s What’s Hot in Parkinson’s disease […]

UF Researcher’s Harvest Stem-like Cells from Post-mortem Parkinson’s Disease Brains & DBS Leads

Published: Jun 10th, 2012

This was an interesting study by Dr. Wang in Dennis Steindler’s laboratory at the UF McKnight Brain Institute. This group was able to harvest stem-like cells from post-mortem brains (after-death […]

CMDNR postdoctoral fellow, Elizabeth Stegemoller Ph.D., is featured in Parkinson’s Action Network program

Published: Apr 27th, 2012

Post doctoral fellow, Dr. Elizabeth Stegemoller is interviewed  in a recent Parkinson’s Action Network feature. In February, the Parkinson’s Action Network hosted its inaugural Postdoctoral Investigator Poster Session inWashington,DC, at which […]

Get a Bone Scan if you have Parkinson’s Disease Even if You are a Man

Published: Apr 25th, 2012

UF undergraduate student Sara Daniel published this paper on bone health in men with Parkinson’s disease. It is becoming clear than men with PD are at risk for brittle bones […]

How Amantadine Went From a Flu Drug to a Parkinson’s Drug

Published: Apr 8th, 2012

UF Med student Grant Hubsher recently published an article describing how a single observation in a patient with Parkinson’s disease taking amantadine for flu, led to the use of amantadine […]

STN DBS may Worsen Balance Compared to GPi DBS

Published: Mar 31st, 2012

Fay Horak, et. al., at the Oregon Health & Science University just published this paper suggesting that STN DBS may have a more detrimental effect on balance as compared to […]

TEDx Talk on Deep Brain Stimulation by Dr. Michael Okun and Dr. Kelly Foote

Published: Mar 25th, 2012

This TEDx talk on Deep Brain Stimulation titled the Electric Brain was given on February 11, 2012. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7udZ5ux0dYE Learn more about Deep Brain Stimulation… The human brain is a supercomputer […]

Weight Lifting Helps Persons with Parkinson’s disease Walk Better

Published: Mar 1st, 2012

Perhaps contrary to a recent report in the New England Journal of Medicine, resistance training (or weight lifting) is quite beneficial for persons with PD. In a recent paper published […]

Having Problems with Starting to Walk?

Published: Jan 27th, 2012

UF graduate students in association with the Applied Neuromechanics Laboratory directed by Dr. Hass have published recent papers examining potential strategies for Parkinson patients to improve their ability to start […]