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We Respect You and We Value You

Leadership within the Fixel Institute, on behalf of our care team, would like to take the opportunity to voice our support for a diverse, inclusive clinic and community.  Recent tragedies have raised strong emotion and deep…

Non-invasive, automated MRI for Parkinson’s diagnosis

A research team led by UF’s David Vaillancourt, Ph.D., used a non-invasive MRI method with 1,002 patients to develop an automated system to accurately diagnose Parkinson’s disease and related but different neurodegenerative disorders.

Follow a patient as they undergo DBS surgery for Parkinson disease

The Suncoast News Network has done a multi-part series on one of our Parkinson disease patients as he went through the process 0f getting deep brain stimulation. Mr. Delaney discusses his Parkinson disease and what led to the decision to get the surgery. Then reporter and anchor Hallie Peilet from…

Tips for choosing a DBS device

In the journal JAMA Neurology, Dr. Michael Okun discusses the challenge of selecting an appropriate DBS system for an individual patient.

2019 Parkinson Disease Educational Symposium – May 18, 2019

The Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases presents our Annual Parkinson Disease Educational Symposium on May 18th, 2019. We hope you will join us for a series of talks on a variety of topics of interest to Parkinson disease patients and caregivers. It will be at North Central…

8th annual Season of Hope Walk & Run coming on December 8th

The Season of Hope 5k and 15k Run is coming up on December 8th at the Hawthorne Trail. The run starts at 9AM and registration at the event starts at 7:15 AM. You can register for the run, volunteer, donate, or just learn more at the…