Vinata Vedam-Mai, Ph.D

Photo of Dr. Vinata Vedam-mai
Vinata Vedam-Mai, PhD Assistant Professor Department of Neurology

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Neurology

Vinata Vedam-Mai, M.Sc, Ph.D is a Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Neurology. She received her doctorate degree from the University of Georgia, Athens, GA. Dr. Vedam-Mai’s research focuses on the study of the effect of electrical stimulation (such as DBS) on the neurogenic niches of the brain, and ultimately to try and comprehend the mode of action of this surgical procedure at the cellular level.

Dr. Vedam-Mai is the central Tissue Research coordinator for the UF DBS Brain Tissue Network, as well as the ANS DBS Brain Bank initiated by Dr. Michael S. Okun. Dr. Vedam-Mai’s research interests include: metabolomic studies of postmortem human brain tissue of Parkinson’s disease, with and without DBS, developing an adoptive immunotherapy platform for Parkinson’s disease and developing in vivo animal models for the application of DBS to other diseases such as Ataxia.