Benoit Giasson, Ph.D.

GiassonAssociate Professor; Neuroscience
Investigator, CTRND and McKnight Brain Institute

The main focus of Dr. Giasson’s laboratory is to understand the basic cellular mechanisms, with a focus on protein aberrations, involved in the dysfunction and death of neuronal that result in these disorders. Ultimately, the goal is to find ways to prevent the harmful cellular processes that result in disease to occur.

He has published numerous studies on the mechanisms and consequences of aberrant proteinaceous inclusions associated with neurodegenerative diseases. A primary research interest is to expand the understanding of the regulation of protein levels, function, interactions and folding that affect protein aggregation in the nervous system.  This goal includes studying the natural biological activities involved in the regulation of proper protein folding and processing, as well as cellular activities that act as “countermeasures” to prevent, reverse or eliminate proteinaceous inclusions.