Addie Patterson, D.O.

Addie Patterson, D.O.
Addie Patterson, D.O.

Dr. Addie Patterson joined the faculty as an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida in 2017. She also serves in the role of Associate Program Director for the Neurology Residency program. Her areas of interest include medical education, Parkinson’s disease, and deep brain stimulation.

Dr. Addie Patterson is originally from Columbus, Ohio. She attended the University of Dayton where she graduated with a B.S. in Biology. During this time, she developed an interest in holistic wellness, which led her to pursue a degree in osteopathic medicine. She attended Ohio University where she obtained her D.O. degree in 2011. She completed her internal medicine internship at Ohio State University in 2012. She completed her Neurology residency at the University of Florida in 2015. She received the Program Director’s Award for Academic Excellence during all three years of her neurology residency. During her final year, she served as Chief Resident and received both the Society of Teaching Scholars Outstanding Resident Teachers Award from the UF College of Medicine and the Kenneth M. Heilman Award for Excellence in Research. Her residency was followed by a two year fellowship in Movement Disorders at University of Florida from 2015-2017 during which she was awarded a grant from the Smallwood Foundation and received the Resident Teaching Award.

Selected Publications:

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