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Parkinson's Course for Newly Diagnosed

charting your course

Charting Your Course: A Parkinson’s Primer for the Newly Diagnosed is a free introduction program created by the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s. (DPF) This course was designed to shorten the distance between three life-changing words—“You have Parkinson’s”—and living well. Just a decade ago, researchers, clinicians, and people living with Parkinson’s alike did not stress the importance of exercise, stress management, diet, and other positive life choices on Parkinson’s. Today, experts know that your experience can be impacted in a positive way by your choices and actions. The information shared by DPF in the Charting Your Course is a way for you to learn about these actions without being overwhelmed by information.

Charting Your Course is designed as a four-week introduction to Parkinson’s, with one lesson scheduled for each day. However, just as your Parkinson’s journey is personal and unique to you, Charting Your Course allows you to choose your pace and is totally flexible.

Topics include mindset, movement, Parkinson’s primer and treatment.

For more information or to register, visit the DPF website.

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