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The Tourette Association of America (TAA) is excited to host their second annual Virtual Conference on May 14 – 16, 2021. This three-day free event focuses on Working Together and Living Better, providing numerous web-based educational sessions for the Tourette Syndrome (TS) and Tic Disorder community to learn, engage and connect with each other. In addition, there are various opportunities being offered to bolster your professional development and organizational visibility such as exhibitor, sponsor or continuing education credits*.

The Virtual Conference features an unbelievable lineup of speakers, with a broad range of backgrounds in TS, Tic Disorders and co-occurring conditions. They hope you will attend and share this incredible opportunity within your networks. Visit today to get started!

Keynote speaker, Ross Greene is an expert on explosive behaviors and managing challenging behaviors. Will be an incredible topic that will not want to be missed.


11:00am EST: Research Symposium*
11:00am EST: Newly Diagnosed Seminar
4:00pm EST: The Present and Future of Therapeutics in TS*
5:00pm EST: Expressing TS Through Art
6:00pm EST: Parents with TS Support Group
7:00pm EST: Self Esteem – My Life With Tourette
8:00pm EST: Conference Launch: A Panel with Ben Brown

11:00am EST: Keynote – Ross Greene
12:00pm EST: Tourettic OCD: Exploring the Tourette/OCD Interface CE*
12:00pm EST: Understanding Oppositional Behavior
12:00pm EST: OCD & ADHD with TS
1:30pm EST: Finding the Superhero Within: Your Amazing Basal Ganglia!
2:00pm EST: Emotional Overload: Understanding Non-Tic Behaviors in Tourette Syndrome*
2:00pm EST: Integrating Creative Strategies to Enhance CBIT Treatment Engagement*
3:00pm EST: Let’s Put the Tics in TikTok: How to be a TS Advocate in the Digital Age
4:00pm EST: Translating Evidence-based Interventions into Clinical Practice*
4:00pm EST: Tourette Syndrome and Young Children
5:00pm EST: Parenting Your Superhero: Parent Support Group
6:00pm EST: Tourette 101 for the Community Practitioner*
6:00pm EST: What Am I Missing? IEP/504 Plan Process Simplified
8:00pm EST: Musical Performance

11:00am EST: Raising Tourettes: A Family Perspective for Educators*
11:00am EST: Dealing with Employment
11:00am EST: Taking Tourette to Middle School – For Children
12:30pm EST: The Big Sad
12:30pm EST: Taking Tourette to Middle School – For Parents
1:00pm EST: Tourette & Law Enforcement
1:00pm EST: Handwriting Deficits in children with Tic Disorders*
1:30pm EST: Developing & Maintaining Friendships
2:30pm EST: Ask the Youth Ambassador Burning Questions
3:00pm EST: Classroom Strategies and Accommodations*
3:00pm EST: The Diverse Experience of Living with Tourette Syndrome
4:00pm EST: UptoMe: A Tool for Self-Advocacy
5:00pm EST: Taking Control: Daily Strategies
5:00pm EST: Instructional Teaching Strategies to Support Students with Tourette Syndrome*

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