New Parkinson disease podcast from the Parkinson Foundation launches

What are the early signs of Parkinson’s?

What are motor fluctuations?

A new podcast from the Parkinson’s Foundation (the new name for the National Parkinson’s Foundation) aims to answer these questions and more. The podcast is called “Substantial Matters” and Dr. Michael Okun and Dr. Irene Malaty were guests on episodes recently.

Dr. Okun is on the first episode discussing the early signs of Parkinson’s disease. He makes the point that it’s important to know the early signs but it’s also important to talk to your doctor about them because some early symptoms are also related to other disease or disorders.

Listen to the first episode.

Dr. Malaty is on the fifth episode discussing what motor fluctuations are and what management and treatments there are. She mentions several options ranging from adjusting medications to deep brain stimulation.

Listen to the fifth episode.

Dan Keller, PhD hosts the show and will be bringing more information on treatments and research in future episodes. You can subscribe (for free) in iTunes at this link, or by searching for “Substantial Matters” in your podcast app of choice. Visit the Parkinson’s Foundation website for more information.


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