How to get involved with Tourette Association of America (TAA)

The Tourette Asssociation of America (TAA)  is a great resource for families, children, adults, educators and physicians for education on Tourette Syndrome diagnosis and treatment.  The TSA is actively involed in adovating for those who struggle with TS.  Our goal, as a clinic, is to serve closely with the TSA in promoting education and training for the management of TS.  There are many ways to get involved advocating for a cure, as well as staying on top of the most up to date information with TS.  The following links below are ways to get involved.

Join the TSA email list: Stay up to date with latest TS information and research. Stay connected with the “Weekly TICker”.  Click the following link: TSA Email List

 Join a support group: Get engaged and involved with children and family with TS. Share experiences, enjoy games, education and become part of the community of the TSA to educate and promote TS awareness. Click on one of the following links for support group information.

National Support Group Information

Florida Support Group Information

 Become a member of TSA: Stay connected with a monetary donation though purchasing a membership. Receive education, discounts on the TSA store access to camps and much more. For more information, see: TSA membership

Join the brain bank: Consider organ donation in the future to help “find a cure”.  Click the following link: TSA Brain Bank

Donate: Support the fight against TS. Donations support creation of education, newsletter, conferences, and much more

Please visit Florida Tic and Tourette Clinic for more information about Tourette Syndrome diagnosis and management.

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