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Faculty & Fellows


okun-smMichael Okun, M.D.

Co-Director, Center for Movement Disorders & Neurorestoration
Professor of Neurology
– Movement Disorders Neurology
– Deep Brain Stimulation
                       More about Dr. Okun


foote-smKelly Foote, M.D.

Co-Director, Center for Movement Disorders & Neurorestoration
Professor of Neurosurgery
– Movement Disorders Neurosurgery
– Deep Brain Stimulation
                       More about Dr. Foote


McFarland_smNikolaus McFarland, M.D., Ph.D.

Chief, Movement Disorders Division of Neurology
Assistant Professor of Neurology
– Atypical Parkinsonisms
– Huntington’s Disease
                       More about Dr. McFarland

malaty-smIrene Malaty, M.D.

Associate Professor of Neurology
Medical Director, NPF Center of Excellence
– Parkinson Disease
– Tourette Syndrome
More about Dr. Malaty


AJ Yarbrough-smA.J. Yarbrough, MBA, CPC

Assistant Director
Center for Movement Disorders & Neurorestoration
– Health Administration
– Movement Disorders
More about A.J.


Julie Segura-smJulie Segura, BA

Regulatory Coordinator
Movement Disorders Clinical Research
– Clinical Trials
– Movement Disorders
More about Julie


Faculty & Fellows

Armstrong_Melissa smMelissa J. Armstrong, M.D., MSc

Assistant Professor
Director, Mangurian Clinical-Research Center for Lewy Body & Parkinson’s Disease Dementia
– Lewy Body Disease
– PD Dementia
More about Dr. Armstrong


ashizawa_smTetsuo Ashizawa, MD

Executive Director, McKnight Brain Institute
Melvin Greer Professor of Neurology in Neuromuscular Medicine
– Ataxia
– Huntington’s Disease
More about Dr. Ashizawa


bauer-smRussell Bauer, PhD, ABPP

Department of Clinical & Health Psychology
– Alzheimer’s Disease
– Neuropyschology

More about Dr. Bauer



Frank Bova, Ph.D., F.A.C.R., F.A.A.P.M.

Professor & Staff Physicist
Neurosurgery, Nuclear Engineering
– Stereotactic radiosurgery
– Computer guided neurosurgery
More about Dr. Bova


Bowers-smDawn Bowers, Ph.D.

Professor, Clinical & Health Psychology, Neurology
Director, Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
– Emotional Disorders
– Neuropsychology
More about Dr. Bowers


Christou-smEvangelos Christou, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Applied Physiology and Kinesiology
– Neural Control of Movement
– Aging
More about Dr. Christou


Cottler1-smLinda Cottler, Ph.D., MPH

Chair, Department of Epidemiology
Dean’s Professor of Epidemiology
Professor, Department of Psychiatry
– Parkinson Disease
– Healthcare improvement
More about Dr. Cottler


PaulDavenport-smPaul Davenport, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor
Department of Physiological Sciences

– Respiration
– Neurological disease
More about Dr. Davenport


defranco-smMeredith DeFranco, DPT

Physical Therapist
Center for Movement Disorders & Neurorestoration
– Physical Therapy
– Movement Disorders
More about Dr. DeFranco


Fayad-Sarah-smSarah Fayad, MD

Center for Movement Disorders & Neurorestoration
– Movement Disorders
– Deep Brain Stimulation
More about Dr. Fayad

Giasson smBenoit Giasson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor; Neuroscience
Investigator, CTRND and McKnight Brain Institute
– Parkinson Disease
– Alpha-Synuclein
More about Dr. Giasson


Golde-smTodd Golde, M.D., Ph.D.

Director, CTRND
Professor, Neuroscience
– Parkinson Disease
– Alzheimer disease
More about Dr. Golde


AYSEGUL GUNDUZ, PH.D.Aysegul Gunduz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering

– Neurorehabilitation
– Electrocorticographic signals
More about Dr. Gunduz


hass_smChris Hass, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Applied Physiology and Kinesiology
– PD Disease Progression
– Locomotion and Balance
More about Dr. Hass


Heaton-smShelley Heaton, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor
Co-Director of the Pediatric Brain Injury Programs
– Tourette Syndrome
– Neuropsychology


Heilman-smKenneth Heilman, M.D.

Distinguished Professor of Neurology & Health Psychology
– Memory
– Cognitive Disorders
More about Dr. Heilman


hess-smChristopher Hess, M.D.

Director, Veterans Administration Parkinson’s Disease Consortium Center
North Florida/South Georgia VA Medical Center
Assistant Professor in Neurology
– Movement Disorders
– Neuroimaging
More about Dr. Hess


Jack Judy PhDJack Judy, Ph.D.

Director of the Nanoscience Institute for Medical and Engineering Technologies
– Nanoscale devices
– Biomedical applications
More about Dr. Judy


Shankar Kulkarni, Ph.D., MSPTShankar Kulkarni, Ph.D., MSPT

Physical Therapist
– Parkinson Disease
– Ataxia
More about Dr. Kulkarni

 Li-smYuqing Li, Ph.D. 

Tyler’s Hope Center for Dystonia Research
– Translational Neuroscience
– Dystonia
More about Dr. Li


daniel-martinez-smDaniel Martinez-Ramirez, MD

Research Assistant Professor
Neurology Clerkship Director

– Parkinson Disease
– Deep Brain Stimulation
More about Dr. Martinez-Ramirez


Kevin J. Otto, PhDUF Portrait Kevin Otto

Associate Professor
Biomedical Engineering

– Neural Engineering
– Deep Brain Stimulation
More about Dr. Otto


price_smCatherine Price, PhD

Associate Professor
Clinical and Health Psychology, Anesthesiology

– Parkinsonisms
– Dementia
More about Dr. Price


Jose Principe PhdJose Principe, PhD

Distinguished Professor
BellSouth Professor
Director of Computational NeuroEngineering Laboratory

– Digital Signal Processing
– Brain Machine Interfaces
More about Dr. Principe


ranum-smLaura Ranum, PhD

Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology
– Genetics
– Ataxia
More about Dr. Ranum


Robicsek-smSteven Robicsek, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
Assistant Director, Medical Student Anesthesia Electives
– Neuroanesthesiology
– Medical Education
More about Dr. Robicsek


RosenbekJohn Rosenbek, Ph.D.

Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

– Speech Disorders
– Swallowing Disorders
More about Dr. Rosenbek


sadleir_smRosalind Sadleir, PhD

Research Assistant Scientist
Department of Biomedical Engineering

– Deep Brain Stimulation
– Biomedical Engineering
More about Dr. Sadleir


simpson-smHeather Simpson, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist
Shands Rehab

– Tourette Syndrome
– Attaxia
More about Heather


steindler-smDennis Steindler, Ph.D.

Professor of Medical Research, Neuroscience & Neurosurgery
– Stem Cell Therapy
– Neuroscience
More about Dr. Steindler


subramony-smS. H. Subramony, MD

Professor, Department of Neurology
Director, Neuromuscular Division

– Ataxia
– Neuromuscular Disease
More about Dr. Subramony


Vaillancourt_smDavid Vaillancourt, PhD

Departments of Applied Physiology & Kinesiology, Neurology, Biomedical Engineering

– Imaging Techniques
– PD Progression
More about Dr. Vaillancourt


shukla-smAparna Wagle Shukla, MBBS, DNB, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Neurology

– Movement Disorders
– Electrophysiology
More about Dr. Wagle Shukla


ward-smHerbert Ward, MD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry
– PD Depression
– Deep Brain Stimulation
More about Dr. Ward


warren-smLisa Warren, MHS, OTR/L 

Occupational Therapist
Movement Disorders Center

– Movement Disorders
– Occupational Therapy
More about Lisa


Keith White PhDKeith White, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Psychology, Opthamology, MBI
 – Brain Imaging
– Psychology
More about Dr. White